Visible Shell

Visible Shell is a piece that speaks directly to the way as a society especially American society has become to function. To emote one’s feeling is considered a weakness and is frowned upon in day-to-day life. To add another level, society has learned to function at such a pace that we no longer take the time or rather have the time to sit and contemplate our emotions.

Through a shell that is made entirely of transparent material I shall be put on display for two full days. I belong to the society I described above and I wish to challenge these realities and quietly raise some questions. I shall attempt to remain in a contemplative state with no interaction to the world around me. I will lower my guard and react to the emotions I feel and let them be visible openly. As I feel I shall write one sentence at a time and release my thoughts into my shell.

Performance Piece Visible Shell took place on the weekend of May 11th, 2012.