“A Spiral into Obsession”

Contact is the moment we are no longer in control and at the mercy of the machine. Spiraling into the darkness of obsession makes finding the way back up or out like a maze for the mind. The collections we make soothe and hinder simultaneously as we try to level the uncertainty of falling. What is comfort and what is failing? What can pull one up from the fear of the darkness caused by compulsion and propulsion. Can we survive the fall or will we perish? 

 The mind is the machine that can take hold of the body and not let go. Whether for happiness, sadness or madness all we can do is feed it the best fuel we can find. The journey from there is life.  

 This particular work was inspired by the life, mind and obsessions of Howard Hughes since he was one of the original financiers of the Texas Theatre. The spiral of obsession in his life let to the loss of his mind in the end. Come and step into his world!

Contact was performed at The Safe Room at The Texas Theatre from August 10th, 2017 to August 21st, 2017.