Erica Felicella is a practicing creative that moved to North Texas almost 20 year ago and lives in Oak Cliff. Her great passions are the arts, culture and community in Dallas.

She has worked as a commercial photographer, curator, and organizer of events and programs. She currently works with the Dallas based non-profit The Cedars Union as their artist liaison. Her years of advocacy in Dallas have allowed her to form a great bond with the cultural community as a whole through the arts.

Her current artistic practice includes endurance based performance, installation, and new media works. Her years in photography have passed as she moved into the non-profit arts sector over a decade ago. Since then she has had the chance to connect and engage with people that connect with art and culture.

She continues her advocacy work through several non profits, committees, events, and volunteer efforts. Her excitement to be active in Dallas has no boundaries and she is constantly finding a way to dig deeper and grow.

Image from performance - “Dodge”