Behind the Closed Door

As one arrives at the house on the small hill the journey begins. Behind the closed door she lives in pain, misery and suffering.

It is an invitation to enter the world and mind of a woman who has been mentally trapped in her home for quite some time. She suffers from severe depression and anxiety that has crippled her from a normal day to day life. Evidence of her decline is all around the house. It is as if time has stopped except for the collections that come in from the outside world. Each visitor represents a figment of her imagination therefore invisible to her reality.

Come inside and feel the pain and sadness. Document the evidence. Leave a note on your way out.

This work lives through all of you so please feel free to dig in. If you post any images please use the following hashtags so the images can be collected as a witness to the experience.

Ask yourself. Who in your life is living behind their closed door?

Below is a selection of copies of letters left by viewers after seeing “Behind the Closed Door”. Click to scroll through.

Behind the Closed Door was performed for Oak Cliff Speed Bump on May 30th, 2015.