The passing of time into memory is something that we all experience in life, but does it ever make it out of our past into the current moment? Performance artist Erica Felicella is locking herself in to document the whole story of her 40 years in 40 hours, recording the years onto paper by writing a year an hour.

What are altered memories and what is still accurate? Does anyone ever know the truth of oneself. Her path that has taken her all over the country and world flows out onto paper one keystroke at a time until she reaches the current moment that stands in front of her. With only a typewriter and coffee she works tirelessly to reach the present. From the highs to the lows, New Jersey where she was born in 1977 until where she sits in Dallas, TX present day, all is to be revealed.

Kettle Art Gallery at 2650 Main Street Dallas, Tx 75226 in Deep Ellum served as the inside of her mind from 6am Wednesday October 25 th, 2016 to 10pm Thursday October 26th , 2016. Guests stopped by and watched to see through the windows into her brain for the final 3 hours of documenting her last three years.